Impressions After My First Week With Hobonichi Techno

A journal to celebrate small steps

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A snapshot is special in its own way

I keep several journals for different purposes, but I write in them whenever I feel like it. Sometimes that means several days in a row, and sometimes it means not touching it for weeks or months at a time. Those deep dives into my feelings and thoughts are crucial for my personal growth, but that’s not what hobonichi is about, which is exactly what makes hobonichi special.

It provides perspective

The last few weeks, I’ve been reflecting on how important perspective is and how you sometimes need to pull back to see where you are. This is especially important if you’re working towards long-term goals because, if you’re only focused on the end result, movement may be difficult or even impossible to see.

It’s all-inclusive

I prefer to keep my art journal cute and fun. If something makes me sad or cry, I probably won’t make a spread about that. I’ll certainly write in my journal about what happened to process the feelings, but I feel compelled to keep my art journal focused on positive mantras and lessons.

The limited space is beneficial

With my writing or my art journal, more space is just a page-turn away. With hobonichi, you have one square, one strip, and one page for the day, period.

Gif by author

Closing thoughts

Hobonichi fits perfectly into my life right now, and I’m so glad I stumbled on it last year thanks to JetPens, one of my favorite places to shop for supplies.

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